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Essential Features of Outdoor Volleyball Court



Proper lighting is a crucial feature for outdoor volleyball courts, especially if they are to be used during the evening or in low-light conditions. Effective lighting enhances player performance, safety, and the overall playing experience. This article explores the essential features of outdoor volleyball court lighting.

Lighting Types and Placement

The best lighting for outdoor volleyball courts typically involves tall poles equipped with LED lights, which provide bright, uniform light while being energy-efficient. Lights should be placed around the perimeter of the court at a height that minimizes shadows and glare on the playing surface.

Intensity and Uniformity

The intensity of the lights should be sufficient to illuminate the entire court evenly. This prevents bright spots and shadows, which can impair players’ ability to see the ball. For recreational courts, lower intensity may be acceptable, whereas competitive play might require higher intensity standards.

Glare Reduction

To reduce glare, which can hinder visibility, lights should be angled away from players’ eyes. Using fixtures with anti-glare shields or choosing indirect lighting options can further help minimize glare.

Energy Efficiency and Control

LED lighting is recommended for its long lifespan and energy efficiency. Consider incorporating timers or motion sensors to reduce energy consumption when the court is not in use.


Investing in proper lighting for an outdoor volleyball court can significantly extend its usability into the evening and improve the playing experience. By considering the type of lights, their placement, and additional features like glare reduction and energy efficiency, you can create a well-lit environment that meets the needs of all players.


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